tirsdag den 9. juni 2009

Made it to KAU

Yes, I've been accepted into the character animation line at the animationworkshop. Feels very good indeed.

(Edit: Since the school prefers to keep the titels of the educations at the same langauge, KAU is now called CA (Character Animation) thus I've changed the tags.)

mandag den 1. juni 2009

Savannah Background

Background for an upcoming project. The colours doesn't really match the usual savannah, but I like them as they are.. At any rate, that is what drawing/painting is all about - making people see things that aren't really there, make a connectoin between the viewer and the viewed! I.e. if I've made this picture right, you're thinking: "oh, its a savannah (and the colours are perfect)!" rather than: "I'm seeing colours on my flat computerscreen, or just a badly coloured savannah."