tirsdag den 14. december 2010

Trailer Project

Ever since the start of this semester our neighbor class "Computer Graphic Artist" has been working on the TRAILER PROJECT! Divided into seven groups, they've each gotten an old movie which they then have had to make a trailer of, with new design. In week 47 and 48 my class was then supposed to animate the their trailers, based on their animatics using their rigged models.
The CGA trailer I animated on, was based on the western "High Noon" now set in a caveman-like ancient evironment. Furthermore our trailer was a combination of 2d and 3d animation. I was in group with the CGA's Tommy, Tanja and Simon and Caroline, Carmen and Keld from my class.
Like the CGA's had divided roles, we should also choose a animation supervisor in our group. We divided it so that Caroline took care of all the paperwork and schedules, while I supervised the practical animation, which was alot of fun :) We also had Alex Williams as a general supervisor for the whole class.
I animated the following shots:

Everything was then colored, and the CGA's spend week 49 rendering everything. The final trailer looks like this:

I think the sum of all parts really came together in the end, I'm very happy about the done trailer :)
The other six trailers also turned out quite well. Take a stroll around on my classmates blogs and you'll see.