søndag den 6. maj 2012

Some Shots From "Under the Fold"

This is some of the shots I've animated for our graduation film, "Under the Fold," which is currently in production. It is shot 140 from sequence 2, and shot 030 and 050 from sequence 3.

mandag den 27. februar 2012

Animating at "A Dream"

In January and February us animators had a break from our own bachelor films, when we were send to animate on the final short films by the animation directors at the National Filmschool of Denmark. I animated at the short, "En drøm" (A Dream). In the course of eight weeks I made this:

The film is directed by Malte Pedersson, the backgrounds and character designs were made by Flemming Schmidt. Keld Nissen from my class animated the waiter in the first shot, and Ditte Frandsen inbetweened the shots where the woman has entered the taxi and the taxi driver starts the car. It seems to becoming quite a good film, so i recommend keeping your eyes peeled for it when it is due at June.