søndag den 13. december 2009

Week 46 and 49 - Goofy Animation with Meelis

In week 46 and 49 we had animationlessons with Meelis Arulepp, an animator from Estonia who among other things has animated on Asterix and the Vikings. We had animations exercises with Goofy as a model. In week 46 we had to make him lift a ball that should look as heavy as possible and in week 49 we had to make him look drunk.

The bouncing balls principles really shines through in these exercises: threating Goofy's stomach and head as simple balls really gives you a point to direct everything out from in these exercises, ecpecially the arcs becomes a play.

I really planned the last animation out very strictly, ironicly it is the last 10 frames wich I did very fast an loosely that is the best. But of course, you can't plan the loose kind of fluency: less planning, more fast pased sketching next time.

(note Goofy is owned my Disney)