mandag den 18. april 2011

Escape of the Wormbot!

Since the beginning of 2011, my class and the CGA class had been working in pairs of two to create a scene with a four legged creature of our own design. I was fortunate enough to be in group with Dennis Jensen - we go back all the way to the drawing academy. We designed the creature together. It should be something quite unique, so rather than going with a robot or organic creature, or have the legs placed under it, we did a mutated worm with robot legs placed ontop of it.
The poor thing was used in cruel experiments focused on creating a robot fuelled by the gasses of a mutated worm - but it escaped before they could finish it! Now, on a quest to find the worm family it was brutally taken from, it must journey... etc etc.

Dennis spend some weeks modelling, rigging and texturing the thing, and while I animated it, he created the background and finally all the light and render stuff.