torsdag den 29. oktober 2009

Week 39, 40 and 41 Animations

Week 39 was the last week with Uri. Since friday should be a fun day, we got that's week assigment early: Animate a flour sack after a storyboard by Uri. I missed the inbetweening in the two middle scenes, so I had to settle with this:

As mentoined, friday should be a fun day and it was indeed! We watched pixilation movies before figuring out the plot for our own pixilation movie in groups. Then we shot it in 3 hours. Except for my hand you'll see in the movie, I did my best to function as the director - otherwise the credit goes to Sandra, Thomas, Christoffer and Atli.

The Pillow Hunt from Niels Dolmer on Vimeo.

Since the animation was done fast, went fast and is without sound I figured the plot might be quite hard to catch, so to make the story (and a second view of the movie) a bit more interesting, let me tell it!
A girl sits uncomtable at a chair and decides to find something more comforting. She encounters a magic hat that gives her a magic turtle-compass. She fellows and finds a freezing guy, aids him and befriends him. After some travel they encounter an evil wizard! The friend with the scarf attacks, but the wizard curses his leg and forces him away, then teleports behind the girl, hits her, teleports and takes the hat... The beats him, he falls, and turns into a pillow - The End

In week 40 and 41 we had a teacher from MarkFilm ( named Anders Nejsum to teach us basic walk. Walks are rather technical so at the first week we ended up doing a simple standard walk:

In the second week, we needed to come up with our own walk. I decided to go for a sneaky walk:

The Pink Panther is the property of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer