torsdag den 24. september 2009

First Animations

For the last 3 weeks I've been thaught basic animation at the school by Uri Kranot - an independent filmmaker/animator from Isreal. (You can see more about him at his site It has mostly been fun, interesting and very time consuming to finally touch what my education is all about. In the first week, apart from bouncing ball and pendulum exercises, each student made their own "short" which was to be "10 seconds long and about a frog and a fly." I made this:

In the second week we continued with the wave and follow through principles ending up each making our own short about a ball with a tail. The ball was to enter the frame joyfully, remember something, exit and come back in. Note that the ball doesn't jump in fear in the middle of my animation, but because it came to think of something it should get. Ofcourse that should had been clear in the animation.