tirsdag den 8. november 2011

The Professional

Yes, hah hah! That's me now. Because now I have a so-called "professional" blog, the portfolio of Niels Andersen Dolmer. It's a place where I post only the best of my work, de crème-de-la-crème. So if you've gotten enough of all my crazy ramblings and are just too good for all the dirt on this page, go take a look at the new blog, it's shiny! Ofcourse this blog will keep updating with dirt and rambling.

lørdag den 17. september 2011

Some second year and summer stuff..

I've started at the 3rd year of the characther animation education now. It's alot of fun and work now that we're putting all our accumilated knowlegde of story, design and animation into working on bachelor projects in the form of 5 min short films. I'm at the short called "Under the Fold," which will be great!
Anyway, I wanted to post some of the things I did last year, but never got around to post.

This above is from an idea for a bachelor shortfilm I worked on before summer, but decided not to pitch due to the lenght of it. Instead I'm trying to write a short story out of the idea now.

The image above is from a pitch I did after summer, but which wasn't chosen. Oh well, I love the project I'm on now :)

...and some roleplay sketches ofcourse!

This last animation was the one I did as my second year exam. The task was to make a little story about two guys at a bar - one says something to the other, which results in a strong reaction from the other guy. I choose the reaction of paranoia.
This was the backstory I made for the shot:
Rob is working as a scientist at the local secret military base. Due to the pressure from work, he has begun to develop as strange phobic for the number two combined with red. All because of the operation called “red two,” a program to reveal dobbeltagents that have infiltrated their ranks.
After a long week of work, work that because of him have lead to the reveal of several dobbeltagents, he is at the local bar with his friend Dave, relieved.
But then Dave spots two hot women and whispers in Rob’s ear: “See those two in red?”
And Rob thinks, that “they” are there to get him.

søndag den 15. maj 2011

Swordmaster the Hobbit

My roleplaying character, Belkar. Or, how he is dreaming of being, the little hobbit!
Tried to be a bit more saturated with the colours than I usually am. (But as I can see from my home computer, the saturation depends more on your screen than my choice of colors when I made the picture!)

mandag den 18. april 2011

Escape of the Wormbot!

Since the beginning of 2011, my class and the CGA class had been working in pairs of two to create a scene with a four legged creature of our own design. I was fortunate enough to be in group with Dennis Jensen - we go back all the way to the drawing academy. We designed the creature together. It should be something quite unique, so rather than going with a robot or organic creature, or have the legs placed under it, we did a mutated worm with robot legs placed ontop of it.
The poor thing was used in cruel experiments focused on creating a robot fuelled by the gasses of a mutated worm - but it escaped before they could finish it! Now, on a quest to find the worm family it was brutally taken from, it must journey... etc etc.

Dennis spend some weeks modelling, rigging and texturing the thing, and while I animated it, he created the background and finally all the light and render stuff.

fredag den 18. marts 2011

Some Drawings

Here, some drawings from last half of 2010, primary from my sketchbook. I grew a bit tired of repeating the same style last summer, so I've been trying to draw some different.

This last one is a scene from our roleplay group. I post it in a rather unfinished state, because mistake after mistake with the inking took the motivation to finish it away.

torsdag den 3. marts 2011

Action!.. Shot

Its a dangarous thing - being a 3d model in my hands.

fredag den 4. februar 2011

January Animation with Scenery and Lights

This was a though one, struggled alot with the program itself. It could be a rather frustrating experience, but what didn't I learn - and in the end: with great guidance from our teacher Michael Berenstein I finally got the animation back on track in the very last days. And well, it ended up okay!
Besides two weeks for animation, we've also been given time to compose and build the scene, add details and color to the rig (norman in my case) and finally put light on everything.