søndag den 27. januar 2013

Graduation Film is out!

Our Bachelor film, "Under the Fold has been released!

It was a film we did at our third year in at the Animation Workshop. We are very proud of it! I was on the wonderful team of Bo Juhl, Sara Mai Olsen, Rune Rask, Thomas Vind Mortensen, Stine Fransen and Simon Lee Bresling. I worked on the story, as the Storyboard Lead, with the DLO and as an animator. I also did a bit of character design. Much of this can be seen on my "profesional blog." Or check out my "making of," for more eye-goodness:

The release of our film also means that I'm now a Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation! I've took my exam this month, after a half year as an intern at this project at Eyecandy Film in Copenhagen.