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Illustrations for "Snapsting."

In may I did 15 Illustrations for the "Snapsting Magazine," in Viborg, (Denmark) as the town lately have been starting to revive this yearly event.

"Snapsting," was a kind of festival in the historical town of Viborg happening from the 15th to the beginning of the 19th century. In the span of two weeks people from all classes from all over Denmark and beyond would come to trade and take part in the festivals many different kinds of entertainment.

I was to illustrate 15 different texts of things that have actually happened at the Snapsting throughout time or how the time periods have affected the festival.

1523 "Revolution at Viborg County Council."

1606 "Priest Murdered Nobleman after Weddingparty."

1649 "The Marriage Market."

1674 "Bloody Duel in Nytorvsgyde (Newsquare Alley)"

1691 "Noblelady in Free Fall"

1709 "Garters and Powdered Wigs."

1717 "An unfortunate Copenhagian."

1722 "The "Peblings" of the Cathedral School."

1738 "The King forbids Entertainers and Gambling."

1773 "Coffee clubs and Cultural Salons."

1779 "The Strangers."

1796 "Ripped of Everything."

1801 "Art and Waxworks"

1803 "Grand Graaaand Show"

1812 "The Tycoon of Nytorv (Newsquare)."

The Technique Used:

I had the fortune of working together with the art director Aguri Miyazaki in the winter and early spring, her almost perfect sense of color and color balance inspired me to reconsider my own technique (or lack of) when coloring in photoshop. As my weakness seemed to be a more unified theme when coloring I started doing the following:

Well actually, first I just draw the drawing in red and then the final lineart with a 4B pencil:

I then remove the red in photoshop:

Then the coloring. First I just apply a single color all over the picture - the general color I want. Then I loosely add light and shadows on top:
Then on top of the single color layer, but beneath the light and shadows layers I start adding flat colors:

Then atop all of the layers (except the line art) I put one layer that I use from now one to paint on. This is really the most creative and free process. I don't have to worry about the balance of colors instead I just make what I have now look good by painting the details, adjusting the colors (usually I try to saturate them more) and strengthen the light and shadows.

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