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Under the Fold - Development of Story and Storyboards

I've always wanted to share some of the development in the boarding I did on Under the Fold.

During the development of the story, we had a dramatic change of the storyline after we've completed the first take on the storyboard. In fact the only panel in the final boards that have been left unchanged is the very last shot. Nonetheless there was quite a few good ideas in the first take. Here presented for your interest is some of the first thumbnail drawings I did:

And here is some of the panels from the first take. As you might see, it contains many elements quite alien to the final film - though some ideas survived the scrapping.

There was a major sequence after the shelter scene, but it was done by either Thomas or Stine as I remember it.

However, I did a crazy fantasy sequence, quite different from that of the final film. The idea was that Frank, and Iru would chase "Dot" back through a world made of all the factories they would visit in the two montages prior to this (canfactory, sawmill, junkyard, ironworks, trainstation.):

After we decided to scrap everything above, we hastely made a new beatboard, here are some of the images I did for it:

I would like to show the final boards. Its not all of the panels, because I modified these images to be presented at my onlineportfolio when I was applying for an internship at the time (thats the reason for the red arrows), but it should give some insight into the final boarding:

Also, apart from my work on the story team, I did also manage to do some input for the design of Frank, just as members of the design team did such great contributions to the story.

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